Megacities essay essay

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Megacities Essay

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Megacities in Asia - Essay Example

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Pros&Cons of Living in Megacities

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Megacities Essay

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Life is more descriptive in a city: Adequately, if you live in mega-cities,you will have a certain life and convenience such as many in the mega-cities are generally provided with only conveniences such as electricity, backyard water, telephones and all things of labour-saving devices. Topics this particular covers: The reason is if we too prepared with the life of becoming a great citizen it can cause us to video onto ourselves.

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Water Borne diseases are particularly prominent in megacities, such as Cholera, Dysentery and Typhoid. Furthermore the disposal of solid waste in Mega cities has lead to issues involving contamination of groundwater and creating Vernon, this is common of Jakarta where only ¼ of all rubbish gets collected.

The new emergence of megacities is an unavoidable trend for many decades to come. Bythere will be a total of 22 megacities in the world (United Nation,). To. Megacities Essay A megacity is a large urban agglomeration with ten million or more inhabitants, according to the United Nations (UN) definition.

The term was first coined by the UN in the s to designate agglomerations with eight million or more inhabitants, a threshold raised to ten million in the s. Urban planning Urban geography Megacity Population Slum Shanty town Urban renewal Orangi Town Affordable housing Mumbai Karachi This is an Essay / Project Essays / Projects are typically greater than 5 pages in length and are assessments that have been previously submitted by a.

Mega cities usually have a population size of more than 10 million which is equivalent to a population density of at least 2, persons per square kilometer. A mega city can also be two metropolitan area linked together.

Pros&Cons of Living in Megacities

As ofthere are 21 megacities which includes Tokyo, New York City, Mexico City and many more.

Megacities essay essay
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