Mandatory drug testing essay

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Mandatory Drug Tests for Athletes

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Michael Phelps swam in the Olympics since and has won eighteen gold medals. InMichael was exposed by a picture of smoking weed. He was only suspended for three months and was allowed to compete at the Olympics. He had to go through rehab to cease his drug use.

Phelps came back in. Essay on Illegal Drug Trade. should test for illegal drugs before receiving any type of assistant. I believe the governments should require mandatory drug testing for illegal drugs such as Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, PCPS, etc., in order to receive assistants.

Read The Controversy of Mandatory Drug Testing free essay and over 88, other research documents. The Controversy of Mandatory Drug Testing. In the state of Minnesota approximately one out of every four kids at the young age of twelve have /5(1).

Mandatory Random Drug Testing Essay Patti Pangallo GE 14 November Mandatory Random Drug Testing Crunch!

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Mandatory drug testing essay
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