Gerhard richters abstract painting essay

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Gerhard Richter Biography

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Abstract Paintings

Tags: art and faith art essay Cologne Cathedral Gerhard Richter James Romaine Reader spiritual growth stained glass. Gerhard Richter stands head and shoulders above his contemporaries. A new Tate Modern retrospective, Panorama, shows why, writes Tom McCarthy.

“With abstract painting we create a better means of approaching what can be neither seen nor understood,” he said–a statement that resonates strongly with many of the ideas espoused by Newman and Rothko (G.

Richter, quoted in R. Nasgaard, “Gerhard Richter,” in Gerhard Richter: Paintings, exh. cat., Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. It is an idea that has haunted Gerhard Richter during a year painting career that "officially began", as he tells it, with a photograph. It has haunted him precisely because of how well he paints.

Düsseldorf, by contrast, invited Richter to explore abstract expressionism, dada collage and decollage, pop and radical varieties of "anti-art". For a time, he flourished. InBelz's feature-length documentary entitled Gerhard Richter Painting was released.

The film focused almost entirely on the world's highest paid living artist producing his large-scale abstract squeegee works in his studio.

Gerhard richters abstract painting essay
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