Essays in honour of judge bruno simma

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From bilateralism to community interest : essays in honour of Judge Bruno Simma

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Articles in Public International Law

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So, a transnational law approach resists a more division between a foundation of law the domestic sphere and a professional of politics the international sphere. Essays in Honour of Bruno Simma Edited by Ulrich Fastenrath, Rudolf Geiger, Daniel-Erasmus Khan, Andreas Paulus, Sabine von Schorlemer, and Christoph Vedder Traces the development of international law over time and assesses its role in reinforcing the international community, with a particular focus on issues such as human rights and the.


From bilateralism to community interest : essays in honour of Judge Bruno Simma

(eds), From Bilateralism to Community Interest: Essays in Honour of Judge Bruno Simma (),16 L. Reydams, Universal Jurisdiction: International and.

This Festschrift, dedicated to Judge Bruno Simma, traces the development of international law from regulating bilateral state-to-state relationships towards strengthening the entire international community by protecting human security, the global environment, and human rights. Konrad Węgliński The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Poland User.

Username: Password: Remember me. The Natural Superiority of Courts, FROM BILATERALISM TO COMMUNITY INTEREST: ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF JUDGE BRUNO SIMMA (Oxford Univ. Press., ). The Choice of Law Against Terrorism, 4 J.

Public International Law

NAT’L SEC. L. & POL’Y (). This festschrift, dedicated to Judge Bruno Simma, traces the development of international law from regulating bilateral state-to-state relationships towards strengthening the entire international community by protecting human security, the global environment, and human rights.

Essays in honour of judge bruno simma
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