An essay on coral reefs

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Coral reef

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Saving Tanzania's coral reefs: A photo essay

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Reefs Ecology in Philippines of Affiliation: Coral Reefs Ecology in Philippines Philippines happen to be the home of world’s richest marine life, with a chain support of more than species of coral and 2, species of fish.

Essay # 4. Types of Coral Reefs: There are three main types of coral reefs. i.

Essay on Coral Reefs

Fringing reefs: A fringing reef is a coralline platform lying close to the shore extending outwards from the mainland.

It is sometimes separated from the shore by a shallow lagoon.

Natural Threats To Coral Reef Environmental Sciences Essay

Saving the coral reefs will require a collaboration effort between scientists, economists, activists, and governments to access the regional value of coral reefs - both market and non-market values - to strengthen management efforts and effective decision making.

Often referred to as the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs are among the most biologically diverse and productive of the world's habitats. They are essential to supporting life under water, but also play a direct role in sustaining life above it.

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Coral reefs are one of the most diverse ecosystems on this planet. They are home to numerous species of marine life and offer a plethora of benefits both to natural ecosystems and to the human.

An essay on coral reefs
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