A structural description of chartres cathedral in france

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Chartres Cathedral, Paris

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In Chartres Cathedral, the windows emphasize the verticality of the interior, their brilliant images arranged in panels one above another.

The high rose windows also contribute by apparently floating in the blackness, as if without structural support. Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Chartres, France.

Stone. West facade begun c. ; cathedral rebuilt after a fire in and building continued to four hallmark Gothic structural devices. flying buttress, pointed arch, triforium, ribbed groin vaulting. AP Art History: Review Set 3.

95 terms. AP Art History: Review Day 4. 48 terms. In Chartres Cathedral, the windows emphasize the verticality of the interior, their brilliant images arranged in panels one above another.

The high rose windows also contribute by apparently floating in the blackness, as if without structural support. Gothic architecture, based on the earlier Romanesque buildings, points to the development of structural elements.

Chartres Cathedral

They allow for further development, particularly. Cathedral School In the Middle Ages, Chartres also functioned as an important cathedral school. In the early 11th century, Bishop Fulbert established Chartres as one of the leading schools in Europe. Great scholars were attracted to the cathedral school, including Thierry of Chartres, William of Conches and the Englishman John of Salisbury.

Architecture of cathedrals and great churches

The present cathedral was constructed on the foundations of the earlier church; the oldest parts of the cathedral are the crypt and Royal Portal (West Portal), remnants of a .

A structural description of chartres cathedral in france
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Chartres Cathedral: Gothic Architecture, Stained Glass Art