A description of the bronze statue of david

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Michelangelo’s David

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Michelangelo’s David

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by Top Collection. $ $ 38 99 Prime. David is the title of two statues of the biblical hero David by the Italian early Renaissance sculptor Donatello. They consist of an early work in marble of a clothed figure (), and a far more famous bronze figure that is nude between its helmet and boots, and dates to the s or later.

Read the full article on Michelangelo’s David to read more history about the creation of the statue, the story of its meaning, see more pictures and more.

About hopebayboatdays.com hopebayboatdays.com is an informational guide written by a team of locals that love Florence and art! David Parvin Bronze Casting Sculpture Statue Testing The Waters Marble Base.

Although David was sometimes represented with a garland, the distinctive hat in Donatello's bronze David remarkable. That it is a modern hat would have brought to the fore the performative aspect of the statue, which is today somewhat obscured by historical distance.

A description of the bronze statue of david
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