A description of probation compliance

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Principles of Effective State Sentencing and Corrections Policy

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Probation Officer Career

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What do I do?. Definition. Under direction performs professional probation work including the more difficult, sensitive and specialized assignments involving investigative case work and supervision of adult and juvenile offenders to aid in their social rehabilitation; performs these duties in the courts, field or institutions.

Aug 31,  · The Probation/Compliance Officer is responsible for a variety of clerical, technical, and administrative tasks to facilitate the operations of the Municipal Court Probation Program. The Juvenile Probation Officer provides juvenile probation services and supervision duties authorized under statutory and agency administrative law in compliance with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department standards.

Probation Officer Career

Probation Services Department; manages and coordinates assigned case load; performs risk assessments and develops client case plans; monitors and enforces defendant compliance with court orders; initiates court action for non-compliance; prepares and maintains case records; and performs other related duties as assigned.

Juvenile Probation Officer General Description The position is subject to the certification requirements of the state of Texas for a Juvenile Probation Officer. compliance (particularly curfew compliance) with probation orders for probationers who are considered to be high-risk offenders.

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A description of probation compliance
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